Delmarva Sika Deer Association
PO BOX 1420,
Sykesville, MD 21784
Welcome to the Delmarva Sika Deer Association.  
Sika deer became established in the Delmarva region during the early 1900s when
Clemment Henry, an Eastern Shore resident, released five or six deer onto James
Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Over the years the population expanded off of the
island and onto the mainland, where today they inhabit the marshes and forested
wetlands characteristic of the area.

The DSDA recognizes the unique treasure we are blessed with and seek to secure a
promising future for them. We are a brand new 'grass roots' organization looking to
expand our
membership. We intend on working with other established sportsman's
groups and having input with our Maryland department of Natural resources.

While many of our membership are comprised of avid Sika Deer hunters, we are not
based on hunting opportunity for the Sika Deer. We wish to co exist and work within
the community of people who appreciate in promoting and preserving these wild, free
range deer. This website was developed to be an informative outlet to share our
thoughts and ideals.

contact us if you have any questions. We welcome you to follow us on our
Facebook page or join on our Talk Forum located at Maryland
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